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Divorce Makeover? Yes, It’s a Thing

At liv Plastic Surgery we are confident that every Meghan can still get her Prince Harry despite the emotional challenges that come with divorce. You can use your divorce as a catalyst to make a positive change.

After a divorce turning your attention to the parts of yourself that have been neglected or ignored can help you discover a new and improved version of yourself. Cosmetic surgery can be a big factor in helping you make that discovery and start your journey as a new person.

Push Beyond Your Comfort Zones

We invite you to challenge what was comfortable and normal in your relationship. Did you hide behind glasses so you didn’t have to look others in the eye? Did you wear loose clothing so no one noticed your body? If so, pushing through these boundaries and revealing your inner cosmetic confidence can make you feel like a new version of yourself.

Embrace Your Feminine/Masculine Side

Often, divorcees are mothers and fathers who, on a daily basis, give much of themselves to their children in order to be better parents, guardians, and caretakers. In your relationship, it may have felt selfish to take the time to self-care. In your divorced life, make time to channel what makes you feel like a woman or man. From breast enhancement to rhinoplasty, and everything in between, discover what part of your self-care routine has been missing and give yourself the permission for that new start.

Reverse the Fault

The burden of a divorce coupled with such a significant change in your life can leave you feeling overly tired. The stress and daily grind can cause your face to show signs of aging prematurely. Our facial surgery patients consistently express how happy they are with their procedure, touting the difference it has made in their life and confidence. Run into the next part of your journey with a renewed sense of confidence – one that will aid you in redefining your life and all the things you enjoy.

liv with a New You!

Interested in getting a divorce makeover? Contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Andrew Ress. liv Plastic Surgery offers a range of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures that can help you anoint this important moment in your life with a healthy and glowing confidence.